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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 7

A response to an infamous Nixon comment:

I am not sure how I am supposed to respond to one out of context quote from Richard Nixon, but if the implication is that Obama has done something illegal, it's simply not true. You have all these people.screaming for his impeachment, but cannot even elaborate impeachable offense they believe he has committed. On taxation being voluntary, yes, it is voluntary, just like registering your car, or driving the speed limit, or following any other requirement of the law is voluntary. Of course there are consequences if you refuse to pay your rent. Which is essentially what taxes are. We pay taxes to keep civilization up and running....roads, schools, police, fire, clean water, clean air, protection from foreign invaders, and even keeping the less fortunate from starving to death in the streets or pushing our elderly out on ice flows, etc. It's like paying rent to live in a decent, civilized society. I always hear conservatives screaming about how this is the greatest country in the world, while they are also screaming that the don't want to pay their fair share to live in it. The REAL freeloaders are the people like Cliven Bundy and Tea Party types who want everything that our society has to give, but don't want to contribute. They want to have all the modern conveniences of living in a first world nation, but share none of the associated cost. They are like the asshole out to dinner with 15 friends who puts in less than they owe and no tip, leaving everyone else to cover their shortfall.

Once again, he deflects. He speaks of context, but I defy anyone to think of a reasonable context for what Nixon said. The context was the Nixon felt justified in doing anything to stop his enemies, whom he believed were a threat to the country. 

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