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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 1

The title is an homage to Lovecraft's Necronomicon, a sanity-shattering spell book whose name loosely translates to "an image of the laws of the dead". Thus, the Derponomicon is an image of the laws of the dumb.

What follows is collection of responses from the dumbest person I have ever known. Not only is he the dumbest person I have ever met, he may be the dumbest person ever. He could even be the dumbest person theoretically possible. To preserve the remaining dignity of this poor creature, he will be known simply as D.
Each response will be based on a short video or quote I sent him to challenge his thinking. Be warned- his views on these matters are exceptionally idiotic. My comments will be in white type; his will be in red.

Let us begin....

Here is the first video I sent him:

And here is his response:

So I am watching this particular video, so here is my response/assessment. It is a well know and irrefutable fact that corruption in government comes solely from special interests lobbying and outright bribing politicians to do their bidding. Now this also applies to humanitarian groups, unions, gay rights groups, environmental groups, wildlife groups, etc. that generally speaking have good intentions in their mission statements to in general help or represent the working man, the environment, our air, food, water, equal rights and other such clear, defined, and focused motives that generally benefit the greater good. And although may be preachy, or too crunchy, or new agey, or "liberal" are generally things that are not nefarious to the general population. Sure a private landowner or citizen may get caught up in the shuffle, but in general, these causes to not negatively effect a majority of the public. Outside of unions, most of these groups are not profit motivated, in fact, most are not for profit and due to that fact, they have much less money to spend on political ads and campaign contributions and therefore have a much quieter voice, than say a Monsanto or BP. On the flip side, we all know that politicians work for the banks, the oil industry, the military industrial complex, big Pharma, big Agra, the insurance industry, Wall Street, etc.....everyone knows this, this is pretty irrefutable. These giant mega corporations, that are some of the most profitable in all of human history, have more money to spend on lobbying and political influence than a thousand Human Rights Campaigns and Sierra Clubs will ever have in their entire history. To equate the two is like comparing apples and hippos. Unions, it can be argued have a fair chunk of wealth to throw at political campaigns and advertising, but still their budget is dwarfed by these above mentioned industries, so their donations and ads have to be much more streamlined and focused and once again, in general represent the rights of the working class. When a church or a single big Agra company can run political ads to convince an entire state to vote against the rights of a minority (something that should NEVER be a ballot measure) or against proper labeling of the food that they eat, or regulation of the amount or arsenic and mercury that can be dumped into their water supply, there is something supremely wrong with the system. Citizens United is exactly what is wrong with the system, it basically gives carte blanche to anyone with money to say and do whatever they want, it's legal bribery, and corporate money and influence needs to be ended, not exacerbated. The only thing that will ever fix the problem and get corruption out of government is ending lobbying in it's current state, and campaign finance reform. Allow lobbyists and special interest groups to present their arguments to a Congressional panel, without the influence of money and campaign contributions. Have them present their arguments in an official forum like a courtroom and a jury, and give a voice to opposition and have a panel of citizens decide the verdict. If Trans Canada wants to build a pipeline through US 8 states, have citizen representatives from each of those states hear arguments from both sides and make an informed decision based on facts, not misleading or false ads and smear tactics.
He appears to be unaware that unions are by far the biggest political contributors. But that gets hand-waved away because unions represent "the working class". And apparently corporations should not be allowed to try to change public opinion on laws, but it's perfectly fine for the Sierra Club to do the same thing.

Is your head spinning yet? It's about to get a lot worse. 

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