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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 23

A response to this video on food irradiation:

On food irradiation....Like everything else conservatives support the misinformation is coming directly from lobbyists and the corporations that seek to profit off of the ignorance of the public. Just like climate change denial, the ONLY studies that are saying food irradiation is safe is the lobbyists and companies paying for the studies in their favor in the first place. You would be hard pressed to find any legitimate scientist or biologist that would advise eating food that has been exposed to radiation. The real problem of course, is the corporate factory farms and fast food restaurants using substandard practices and cleaning procedures to process their food. Almost all the major food poisoning outbreaks of the last few years have come from these large scale agri-businesses and fast food restaurants improperly handling the product or knowingly using tainted water or meat. Much like the recent cancerous cows recall. You know which farms very rarely if ever cause any of these kinds of problems? Small family owned farms, that have caring people and proper oversight running them. Irradiating all of the food to stop food poisoning is trading in one problem for another. Small levels of radiation in some carrots or a hamburger probably aren't a big deal, but if EVERYTHING you ate was exposed to radiation eventually it would have very adverse and widespread effects. And that's not even up for debate.

Hmm... some No True Scotsmen and question-begging. And of course, deflection. This guy cannot string 2 words together without making a fallacy. Note also that he has not the faintest idea of how food irradiation works. But that doesn't stop him from having an opinion on it. 

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