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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 5

The response to Pelosi's waffling on the minimum wage:

On Pelosi....I really only had to watch 12 seconds of this video to formulate a response. When Pelosi talks about raising the minimum wage, she is referring to jobs that people get to earn a living, pay rent, feed their families, etc. Which in turn means all of that money is spent immediately within the economy. Raising the minimum wage means more money in people's hands to spend on necessary goods and services...All of which goes right back into the local economy, not offshore bank accounts or investments, every penny goes directly to bills, food, clothes, medicine, etc. Raising the minimum wage also means LESS people qualify for food stamps and welfare, as it is now, someone who has no job and is on welfare and food stamps, would make almost the same exact amount of money working a typical minimum wage job. If conservatives really hate freeloaders and welfare that much they would want people to get paid enough to NOT qualify for welfare. Comparing Pelosi's interns, or ANY interns to any kind of worker is a huge stretch because it is widely accepted that interns are rarely ever paid, are NOT employees, and are working for experience and college credit. There literally is no comparison. Once again, like comparing apples and hippos.

So apparently, interns do not work and artificially raising labor costs will usher in prosperity, somehow.
Also, investments and bank accounts are bad. When I replied that investments allow for capital improvements, which in turn lead to no products and services, he said:

Paying your workers more IS making capital improvments. If your employees are happy they are more motivated and productive. Interns are not workers, they are there for experience and class credit. If they weren't there, nothing would change. They are given busy work for the experience, not out of need. What good is a $2 an hour job if the person doing that job still cannot afford the eat or support themselves. The purpose of a job is to give people money to live and eat, not just give them something to do and keep busy.

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