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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 15

A response to this video on GPA redistribution:

Once again, the video you posted is a false comparison. NO ONE is advocating the "redistribution" of wealth, they are asking for a FAIR system where the people that are at the very top, get all the perks a day breaks that everyone in the middle and bottom have to pitch in for. The only way this comparison would even be close to accurate is if the students getting perfect GPAs had all the students with lower GPAs doing all the work for them and the students with the best GPAs were getting extra credit just by virtue of the position they are in. You see our system has become a caste system, wealth is rewarded with LESS responsibility to society. There is no reason why a person that makes $60,000 for a family of three should have to pay more of their income that a guy who makes $12,000,000 a year for basically shuffling papers around behind a desk, or worse yet, living off of their inheritance. When the handful at the very top, who own 70% of the wealth, are contributing well LESS than 70% back into the system that allowed them to get to where they are in the first place, there is a problem. There is no reason why the poor, the sick, the elderly, veterans, the middle class, etc. Should have to have cuts to vital services so a banker can spend $500,000 on a new Lamborghini. It's not poor people and single mothers and suburban families that destroyed the economy, it was irresponsible greedy bankers and investors taking advantage of a system they created in their favor. The most prosperous times in this nations history,top earners paid over 70% income taxes. You know what happens when the super rich have to pay that much in taxes? They spend as much as the can on hiring and expanding their companies for the write offs, instead of say, shipping jobs overseas and hiding their money in offshore banks.

Equivocation, goal-post moving, & deflection. Yawn. 

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