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Monday, May 19, 2014

The Derponomicon: Part 25

A response to a Milton Friedman video:

On the Social Security myth Freidman video.
Once again, this is another gripe I hear from conservatives over and over again, that social security is going broke, that it's a wasteful program, that it is paying out more than it is taking in, etc. Etc. Etc. You know what I NEVER hear though? Is of a conservative that refuses to accept or cash their social security checks when they arrive, even if they know full well they never paid as much in as they are getting back. In fact Republicans have been trying to cut and/or privatize social security for decades, which if Bush had succeeded in doing, the program would have been raped, pillaged, and left broke with the financial collapse. At the same time they are somehow able to convince their elderly voters that it's Democrats that are trying to destroy social security when they have only tried to defend and expand it. Fact of the matter is, you will find absolutely ZERO social security age voters that want to abolish social security or even reform it. Just like the ACA, Social Security was lambasted by opponents as one of the worst things ever, but now everyone seems to appreciate not having to house, feed, clothe and care for their elderly relatives. The only reason social security funds have had any issues is because previous administration's borrowed money for other things without ever replacing it. Lifting the $110,000 cap would make social security solvent for 75+ years. I believe everyone appreciates the fact that we don't have elderly people dying in the street or bring forced to live in our homes and eat cat food. I never understood why Republicans crusade against a program that literally everyone wants, and no one would ever give up

No attempt to address the claims made. When I told him the govt cannot possibly get enough taxes to pay the promised benefits, he said:

Except of course the government never runs out of money.

This was by far the dumbest thing he said, which is impressive considering the other things he said. 

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