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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

America On the Brink by Glenn Beck

Now, more than ever, America teeters on the brink of an abyss. While on vacation with my family last week, I saw more disturbing signs of the coming collapse.

At Yellowstone National Park, my guns were confiscated by the park rangers. It was then I noticed that the park rangers wear brown shirts. Know who else wore brown shirts? Hitler, that's who! Hitler also confiscated guns, just like the park rangers. The guns I brought to protect my family from marauding bears and Canadians were snatched away. Makes you sick, doesn't it?

The park had all kinds of rules. Hmm. I seem to recall another rule-obsessed authoritarian group. What were they called? Oh that's right, the Nazis. It was terrible to be under that kind of oppression. Now I know how the Jews felt.

At the Grand Canyon, I saw a plaque that sent a chill up my spine. You see, this plaque had German on it. I questioned a park ranger about it; he explained that the plaque was written in German for the benefit of German tourists and also had explanations in French and Japanese. I nodded politely, but deep down I knew this was another sign of the coming takeover of the progressive-Nazi-fascist-morlock front. German on a sign in America. Can you hear the coming goosesteps?

Aaaah!!! The Nazis are all over me! Get 'em off! Get 'em off! Get 'em off!


Glenn Beck is an author and host of a radio and TV show. He is the current world record holder for number of comparisons made to the Third Reich.

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