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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Detroit: Progressive Paradise

There is a city in the US that has not had a Republican mayor since 1962 and no Republicans on its city council since 1994. Not surprisingly, this city is a beacon of prosperity and a shining example of the triumph of progressive public policy. I am speaking of course of Detroit.

Detroit did everything right: they have a high minimum wage, a large and well-paid public sector workforce, strong unions, high education spending, and a tax system that makes sure the rich pay their fair share. Is it any wonder that Detroit has the lowest rates of poverty and unemployment in the nation?

Detroit's strong gun laws have also made it America's safest city. It has the lowest homicide and crime rate of any city in the country. Detroit's high education spending has led to it having the nation's lowest high school drop-out rate as well as the lowest rate of illiteracy. For these reasons, people have been flocking to Detroit and its real estate market is booming. This teeming metropolis is also a bastion of racial harmony with its many mixed neighborhoods.

The city's car factories are thriving as well thanks to the UAW, which helped make GM America's top exporter. In 2008, GM did so well that it donated several billion dollars to the government to help pay down the national debt. Detroit itself is debt free thanks to the sound fiscal policies of the Democrats.

Other cities and states have decided to follow Detroit's example. California has been booming ever since it enacted Detroit's policies. People continue to flock there away from poorly-governed Republican strongholds like Texas.

Despite Detroit's obvious success, many are reluctant to try the winning formula. This November, remember to vote only for progressives. A vote for progressives is a vote for a strong middle class, good education, & low crime.

Just like Detroit.

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