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Sunday, January 5, 2014

What is derp?

To understand derp, you must first learn about its cousins: ignorance, stupidity, lies, and bullshit.

Ignorance is a natural state and often found among the young. It is merely a lack of knowledge and is excusable in most cases.

Stupidity is what happens when someone is exposed to knowledge but chooses to ignore it. It is a self-punishing vice.

Lying is the act of knowing the truth and then saying something else to hide it.

Bullshit comes from not caring what the truth is. The goal is to distract.

All these are character flaws. Derp is different.

Derp is a state of mind. It is a celebration of ignorance. It is the strange pride that comes from ignorance and stupidity.

Perhaps this is the best way to explain it:

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