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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hilarious Gunphobia

A letter recently submitted to an advice column:

"Our toddler has been in a wonderful day care center since September, and she has grown particularly attached to her primary caregiver, a young single woman in her late 20s. She and I recently shared a casual conversation about dating, and she emailed me with a sweet video of our daughter and offered to babysit if needed. I looked her up on Facebook, and one 10-month old post—registering gleeful delight after a weekend shooting various guns, and declaring her interest in getting a gun permit—caught my attention. While we realize her adventure, and wish, are entirely legal, this makes both my husband and me very uncomfortable since we have absolutely no interest in having guns anywhere near our child, our family, or our home. Prudie, what should we do? Tell the director of the day care? Just avoid hiring her to babysit our child? Simply chalk this up to the Second Amendment?"

They say they do not want any guns near them, their child, or their home. I wonder what these people do when they see a cop? Run away and hide? Flail their arms while screaming "AAAAAH! GUN! GUN!" 
Do they plan on avoiding all sporting goods stores? How about museums? Or Wal-Mart? 

Did it ever occur to them that just because the babysitter like to shoot doesn't mean she's carrying all the time? Apparently, just having touched a gun is enough to taint her. 

These people think a gun is like the Ring of Sauron- no one can possess one without being turned into a murderous fiend by its corrupting evil power. 

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