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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The AV Club's Team Blue Fluffers vs. Penn & Teller

As I scanned a recent AV Club article, I came across this gem:

"Well-deserved takedowns of aliens and creationism gave way to mean-spirited and puzzling attacks on environmentalism, reparations, college, and handicapped parking."

Here is a good example of what I call "belief clustering". Belief clustering is the tendency to assume that if a person agrees with some of your views, they agree with all of them. Hence the confusion by the AV Club when P&T bashed things they like.

Why exactly are the attacks on college, etc not deserved? They don't say, but I think I know why. You see, college, etc. are Team Blue sacred cows. And like all sacred cows, they produce vast quantities of bullshit. If you think your cows are sacred, you train yourself to ignore the smell. When others point it out, you get confused and angry. 

For the benefit of the AV Club, I will briefly explain the bullshit in these topics.

1. Environmentalism is bullshit because it's a leftist smoke screen. If so-called environmentalists really cared about the environment, they would be in favor of things like nuclear power and GMO crops. 

2. Reparations are bullshit because both the perpetrators and the victims are long dead. Guilt is not passed down. Reparations can only go to living victims from living offenders, not their descendants.  

3. College is bullshit because it's crazy expensive and most of the degrees are useless. Many recent grads have been finding this out the hard way. 

4. Handicapped parking is bullshit because just about anyone can get a permit. There are plenty of perfectly able-bodied people who have such permits. 


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