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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Standard Propaganda Cycle- Gun Debate Redux

There is nothing new under the sun, as the old saying goes. In propaganda, it is the same. Even the word itself is a kind of propaganda, for what is propaganda except another word for lying?

In my experience, liars almost always follow the same steps as sure as birds flying south in the winter. First, they ignore. Then they deny, lie, and insult. When they get backed into a corner, they change the subject.

The easiest way to spot a dishonest person is to listen to them argue and see if they ever admit they are wrong. Since no one knows everything, everyone is bound to be wrong about something sooner or later. Honest people will say they were wrong when they are given the proof. Liars will quickly change the subject. Another way to spot a liar is to ask them a simple yes-or-no question. Liars almost never answer them.

Let's look at a few examples based on actual conversations I have had. Note the steadfast refusal to answer questions and the frequent subject changes.

A: If the US had fewer guns, there'd be fewer gun deaths.

B: Switzerland and Israel have higher rates of gun ownership than the US and lower gun homicide rates.

A: Those countries are completely different from the US so they don't count.

B: There are also many countries with much tighter gun laws that have much higher rates of gun homicide.

A: Those countries are also completely different from the US so they don't count.

B: But even in the US, there are many large cities that have strict gun laws. Yet, the rates of gun homicide are much higher in those places.

A: They get those guns from outside the cities.

B: So? Even if guns were outlawed nationwide, that wouldn't stop people from getting them. Marijuana is against the law too.

A: Marijuana doesn't kill people.  

B: So? Besides, if you're worried about people getting killed, why aren't you pushing for tougher driving laws? More people die from car accidents than from guns.

A: Cars aren't designed to kill people.

B: Neither is a baseball bat, but it can be used to kill. Besides, most of the time, guns are used defensively without killing or even injuring the other person.

A: You're more likely to hurt yourself or a family member with a gun than use it defensively.

B: If that's true, why do police carry them? Why do celebrities hire body guards?

A: Those people are trained to use guns.

B: So am I. So why can't I carry one like the police? Learning to use a gun safely isn't harder than learning to drive a car.

A: Here's a video of a cop shooting himself in the foot. See? If cops make mistakes with guns, non cops would be even worse.

B: The fact that some people use guns recklessly is no reason to outlaw them for all. Should we ban cars because of car accidents?

A: I already said cars aren't designed to kill people. The 2nd amendment only allows for people to have guns if they are in a militia like the National Guard.

B: If that's true, why do almost all state constitutions explicitly guarantee the right to keep and bear arms for self-defense?

A: The 2nd amendment only allows people to own guns that were available in the 1700s.

B: Does the 1st amendment only allow people to use communication devices that existed in the 1700s?

A: You would let people own machine guns and flamethrowers.

B: There are people who already do. Why not? If they aren't used for crime, what's the harm? By the way, almost all gun crime is done with handguns which are obtained illegally.

A: You wouldn't be able to protect yourself from government oppression with just handguns and rifles. They have tanks, planes, and so on.

B: If that's true, why do oppressive governments always outlaw private weapons? Our country was founded by people who fought off an oppressive government with simple weapons.

A: I can see there's no getting through to gun nuts like you. I hope you shoot yourself in a gun cleaning accident.

B: OK. I'm glad would could talk about this like thinking people.


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