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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Libertarian Overlap With Conservatives/Republicans

Libertarians are often lumped in with conservatives and Republicans. This is because there is broad agreement among all three groups on many issues such as the minimum wage, regulations, homeschooling, taxes, and guns.

The problem though is that while Republicans often say the right things, they don't always do the right things. Republican hero Reagan put America deeper in debt than any president up to that time. Nixon ended the gold standard. Bush promised no nation-building (a weasel word for empire) and then began the two longest wars in US history.

Republicans call themselves the party of small government, but they aren't. They are often the party of less government when compared to the Democrats.

That said, there's nothing wrong with libertarians voting for Republicans. In tight races in small elections, it makes sense to vote for whichever less-government party which has the best chance at winning. It's even possible in some situations for the less-government candidate to be a Democrat.

I think the best bet is to vote for the less-government candidate from a major party in local elections and then cast a principled vote for true libertarian candidates in state and national elections.

To sum up, Libertarians generally agree with Republicans when it comes to guns, the minimum wage, homeschooling, taxes, and regulations. They generally agree with Democrats when it comes to abortion, gay marriage, and the death penalty. And they disagree with both parties when it comes to government spending, the war on drugs, victimless crime, and foreign policy.

So, by this, I see that libertarians agree with Republicans on 5 issues, with Democrats on 3 issues, and with neither party on 4 issues. Thus, Republicans are about 67% better than Democrats when it comes to who is closer to libertarians.

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