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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

PANDA & Soviet-Style Dissent Suppression

In the early days of the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc, dissenters were often accused of outrageous crimes like espionage or sabotage to discredit them. Later, the secret police found that it was easier and more plausible to plant drugs on people, stage photographs of them with prostitutes, or accuse them of pedophilia.

I often wonder if similar things have happened or will happen in the US. The other day, I was talking with my father who is a member of a group called PANDA - People Against the National Defense Authorization Act. The president of that group, Dan Johnson, recently received a suspicious email:

On Tuesday, July 23rd, PANDA and Oathkeepers came under direct assault. I was sent an email claiming to be from Stewart Rhodes, claiming he had new anti-NDAA resolutions for me, and directing me to download, view, and send the resolutions out to other activists. 
I was suspicious, and gave our PANDA Security Tech access to the email so he could view the files. Instead of resolutions, they contained graphic child pornography.  
The files had Stewart's name and Organization embedded in them, and were set up with keywords like "kids" to falsely convict me if my computer were searched. These files took extreme technical expertise to put together, and were crafted to convict, to set up, and take down, two of the most prominent liberty organizations fighting the NDAA. 

Watch the video for more details:


 Ladies and gentlemen, the mask has been thrown off.

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