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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Obama the Rodeo Clown

A rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask for a skit is sending the nation's Right-Thinking People scrambling for their smelling salts and fainting couches. We'll get to that in a moment. The skit is pretty simple- the clown poses as Obama and then everybody laughs as he runs from the angry bull. The rodeo has been doing this skit for decades for every president in that time. Making fun of politicians is as American as apple pie. Who could possibly be offended by this?

A professional clown, that's who. Enter Judy Quest, past president of Clowns of America, International. She wrote an opinion column for CNN in which she weighs forth on this controversial matter in her capacity as an experienced and influential clown. I'm not making this up.

Partway through the column, we learn that clowns are highly-trained and bound to a strict and solemn code of ethics. And what is the most important rule for these rainbow-wigged and red-nosed Jedi Knights? According to Quest, the butt of the joke must always be the clown and never someone else.
As such, the Obama clown was totally out of line and brought dishonor upon all "real" clowns. Judy, whatever you do, do not look up Steven King's It on YouTube.

As the piece crescendos into total absurdity, Quest asks:
"The individual who took on the role of a clown in Missouri might have made some people laugh, but it was at the expense of so many others.
What of the children who were in the audience and being taught to respect our president and government? What of every person in the audience who hates racism? What of the officials of the state of Missouri who are now the focus of national attention in this negative light?"
Hold on. I think I have the right picture for this. Ah, here it is:

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a self-professed clown who thinks that children 1) have political views and 2) get them at rodeos. This clown also thinks that a skit done about many presidents is somehow racist when the target is Obama. I think I speak for many when I say that there is no one in America who is more suitable to be portrayed as a rodeo clown. The man is a master at distraction.

Judy Quest's introductory blurb states that she has written for many clown journals. I guess she can now add CNN to that list.



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