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Friday, August 23, 2013

My Answer to Toki Pona: Enu Aba

Enu Aba (easy language) is my first complete mini conlang. It has 100 root words and 7 grammatical suffixes.

Here are the main features:

-each root has 1 to 4 meanings
-adverbs for tense
-compounds to make other words
- vowels like Spanish: a, e, i, o, u
- consonants are b, k, m, n
- double verb to show continuous action
- double adjective/adverb to show intensity
- word order is SVO
- end yes/no questions with "yes"
- adjectives & adverbs proceed words they modify
-first syllable is stressed
-verb suffixes for various aspects

Word List

I ordered it by part of speech, but there are a couple of miscategorized entries. Use Ctrl+f to find what you want.

Conjunctions, Prepositions, etc.

1. and, with, together- na
2. in, inside, on, to- ni
3. of, from, about- e
4. out, away, outside- o
5. or, either, maybe- u
6. yes, true, correct- a
7. no, false, wrong- no


8. go, travel, move, leave- i
9. make, do, use, work- ne
10. take, eat, drink- nu
11. put, set, lay- ba
12. come, arrive, return- be
13. give, let, lose, forget - bi
14. speak, say, talk, tell- bo
15. think, believe, feel- bu
16. like, want, love, need- ma
17. can, know, hear- me
18. win, buy, get, receive- mi
19. sleep, stop, rest, sit- mo
20. learn, read, study, understand- mu


21. foot, leg, down, low- ka
22. arm, hand, five- ke
23. stomach, belly, hunger- ki
24. eye, sight, shape, color- ko
25. bone, death- ku
26. finger, toe, piece- aka
27. joint, elbow, corner, bow- ake
28. water, liquid, rain- aki
29. back, rear, behind- ako
30. person, people, group, family- aku
31. word, name, language, tongue- aba
32. peace, thanks, hello, goodbye- abe
33. skin, face, front- abi
34. hair, clothes, hat- abo
35. seed, egg, start- abu
36. root, parent, reason- ama
37. animal, meat, body- ame
38. plant, food, fruit- ami
39. tree, wood, paper, book- amo
40. house, place, building- amu
41. stone, mountain, metal- ana
42. fire, sun, star- ane
43. time, day, hour- ano
44. moon, month, night- anu
45. year, circle, sky- eba
46. air, wind, breath- ebe
47. heart, chest, center- ebi
48. worm, snake, lizard- ebu
49. land, country, ground, earth- ebo
50. bird, chicken, airplane- eka
51. fish, boat- eke
52. bug, germ, insect- eki
53. wheel, machine, tool- eko
54. thing, it- eku
55. head, top, main, up- ema
56. nose, smell, taste- eme
57. heart, emotion, power- emi
58. money, economy- emo
59. god, religion- emu
60. way, road, method- ena

Adjectives & Adverbs

61. bad, sick, evil- ene
62. big, fat, tall- eni
63. small, short, thin- eno
64. easy, light, soft- enu
65. hard, heavy, thick- iba
66. black, dark- ibe
67. red, angry- ibi
68. yellow, afraid- ibo
69. blue, cold- ibu
70. green, happy- ika
71. orange, hot- ike
72. brown, dirty- iki
73. white, clean- iko
74. strong, new, fresh- iku
75. weak, tired, old- ima
76. sharp, spicy, rough- ime
77. smooth, gentle- imi
78. long, far, wide, deep- imo
79. near, close, thin, shallow- imu
80. fast, smart- ina
81. slow, dumb- ine
82. ready, already- ini
83. complete, all, whole, full- ino
84. empty, none, nothing- inu
85. other, another- oba
86. many, a lot, very, much- obe
87. few, a little bit, rare- obi
88. ago, before, past- obo
89. next, then, after. later- obu
90. still, yet- oka
91. good, beautiful, healthy- oke

Pronouns & Demonstatives

92. he/she- oki
93. you- oko
94. this, here- oku
95. that, there- oma
96. but, however- ome
97. what, which, than- omi
98. I- omo
99. one, single, alone, different- omu
100. two, pair, same, like- ona

Grammatical Suffixes

plural- kana
make verb/adj/adv into noun- kami
make noun into adj/adv- mona
make noun/adj/adv into verb- nanu
possessive- bona
masculine/feminine- bima/boma
causative (verbs- -ize, -ify)- moka

My quick test for a conlang is to see how easy it is to write the Lord's Prayer:

Lord's Prayer

Emubona Bokami

omokanabona emu omi ni eba
okobona aba emumona
okobona ema ebo be
okobona emi mi
ni emu ona ni eba
bi ni omokana omokanabona anomona ami
na bi omokanabona ene nekana
ona omokana bi ene nekana e oba akukana
na no imoka omokana ni ene makama
ome ba omokana o e enekami
omi ama oko ema ebo, ikumona, na okekami
omi ino ano



I-pl-poss God who in sky
you-poss name god-like
you-poss good country come
you-poss power win
on earth and in sky
give to I-pl I-pl-poss day-ly food
and forget I-pl-poss bad do-ing
like I-pl forget bad do-ings of other person-pl
and not go-caus I-pl to bad want-pl
but set I-pl away from bad-ness
for reason you up country, strong-ness, and good-ness
for all time



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