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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Way To Defeat Islamic Terrorism So Crazy It Just Might Work

The Muslim terrorists the US has been fighting are very stubborn enemies. They know the game of guerrilla warfare well and the war has been much more costly to the US than it has been to them. That means a traditional strategy of attrition will fail because the US will run out of money and willpower before they do.

The terrorists are much like the Japanese in during the Second World War. They continued to fight even after they had been beaten back to their homeland and many of their cities lay in ruins. They only gave up after being struck twice by a bomb powerful enough to destroy a whole city by itself. Those attacks were no worse than the many attacks with conventional bombs the Japanese had been hit with. It was the shock value of the atomic bomb which showed them that they were totally outmatched and that victory was impossible.

I think a similar show of force might work against militant Islam. The US military should invade Saudi Arabia and occupy Mecca to stop the Hajj. Then, the US should announce that Mecca will remain closed until all the Islamic terror groups everywhere surrender and that the city will be destroyed if there are any other terrorist attacks anywhere or any attempt to recapture the city.

Of course, this will anger the Muslim world, but the whole point of war is to make it so painful that enemy will agree to anything to make it stop. Occupying one city would also be far easier and less bloody than occupying a country filled with guerrilla fighters. The terrorists and their supporters will not give up until they are shown that there is no hope for them to win.


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