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Friday, July 26, 2013

A Lasting Solution to America's Illegal Immigration Problem

The problem of illegal immigration from Mexico has had enormous costs for the people on both sides of the border. The journey is difficult and perilous and those who make it are often forced to spend years working menial jobs in a legal limbo. Impoverished and criminal migrants place extra burdens on the budgets of border states in terms increased spending for incarceration, education, welfare, etc.

Clearly, the status quo is unacceptable. However, there is a way to solve the problem once and for all. The US should annex Mexico and incorporate it into the state of Texas.

This plan requires no military action. All that is necessary is to announce that Mexicans are now free to enter the US and will gain citizenship by doing so. Naturally, millions of former Mexicans will accept this offer and move north. Those people will be boon to the economy as they move into surplus housing and begin buying cars and other durable goods. The sudden influx of immigrants will increase unemployment temporarily, but only in low-paying jobs given the education and skills of a typical migrant.

The former nation of Mexico will now be so short on labor that its economy will collapse. Former Mexican elites will be desperate to cut their losses and that will allow American businessmen to buy up their assets for a song. Bribe-hungry Mexican politicians will gladly agree to become employees of the state of Texas.

Thanks to the business-friendly policies of Texas, a new resource-rich frontier will be formed and act as a magnet for entrepreneurs across the nation. Furthermore, violence and crime will plummet as the former Mexican drug cartels are no longer forced to smuggle across the now-defunct border. This will decimate their profits and lead to their incorporation into less violent American criminal organizations.

If all goes well, the US can repeat the process and annex all the land which now lies between Mexico and the Panama Canal. The 102-mile long waterway will be a much easier border to secure.  

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