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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Opinion: Germs Are A Myth Of the Liberal Media, by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK)

Americans are being hoodwinked by the junk science of "germs," a high falutin' word egghead "scientists" are using to scare Americans into buying their quack medicines. Ridiculous as it sounds, these fear-mongering charlatans and their allies in the liberal media have frightened people into believing that illnesses are caused by tiny creatures which invade the body.

This idea is utter hogwash. Even proponents of germ theory acknowledge that many illnesses have nothing to do with their so-called germs at all! By their own admission, such lethal ailments as heart attacks, strokes, and cancer are not caused by germs!

If that isn't enough, all sorts of crazy evidence is proffered which allegedly proves the existence of these creatures. The junk scientists have been using blurry images of germs from their "microscopes," devices which they claim can make minuscule objects visible to the human eye. Well, boys, there are pictures of Bigfoot and UFOs too; doesn't mean they're real.

Then there's the so-called consensus argument. We're told that the scientific community is not in dispute about the germ theory of disease, further that this theory has paved the way for modern medicine. But I know for a fact that healers who are skeptical of the germ theory, such as my faith healer friends, are routinely shunned and marginalized by germ theory proponents. The liberal media colludes in this conspiracy of silence against germ theory skeptics, who are never given time to argue their case except on Fox News.

Why then is the junk science of germs so widespread? The sad truth is because it makes them too much money. Legions of junk scientists and quacks make their living off this nonsense. It make me sick to think of all the money that could be saved by shutting down the Center for Disease Control and ending childhood vaccination, just to name two wasteful examples of the germ myth.

America needs to wake up. Don't be fooled by the junk science of germs!

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