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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Difference Between Government & the Mafia

Certain irresponsible persons have compared the government to the mafia. This comparison is mistaken and insulting to the honorable, hard-working members of the mafia.

In the first place, unlike the government, the mafia usually makes a profit from its various schemes. This is because the mafia strives to provide goods and services that people actually want. The mafia understands business. They realize that if they take too much from you, they lose in the long run.

The differences don't end there. Unlike the government, when you pay protection money to the mafia, you actually get protection. The mafia will also sell you a gun if you want one, unlike the government which generally strives to disarm people.

The mafia are tolerant. They have no problem with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, or gambling. In fact, they happily provide many of these services. They also give loans to people with bad credit, although their loan default policies can be rather strict.

The mafia has a sense of honor. Mafia men who screw up are punished severely. They keep their promises. The mafia only kill as a last resort and they only kill those who cross them.

The difference is clear- all governments commit violence and theft on a massive scale while restricting freedom. The mafia does not.

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