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Friday, September 5, 2014

My Fight Against USDA Intrusiveness

Here is the email I just sent to them:

To whom it may concern:

I am trying to reach whoever is in charge of the Texas USDA Rural Development Program. I suspect it is Theresa Jordison since that is the name given on the website. Please forward this message to her.


My landlord recently gave me an intrusive, 10-page form that should told me I must fill out if I wish to keep living in my apartment. This is how I was introduced to the USDA rural development program.

The alleged purpose of this form is to determine my eligibility for a rent subsidy. To that end, it asks many intrusive questions about me and my income and wealth. I already have been paying  the full rent, I know I am not eligible for the subsidy, and even if I was, I don't want it. I am particularly annoyed by this program's disregard for my privacy and the value of my time. I already filled out these forms once when I moved in. Why the hell should I fill out a 10-page form with hundreds of questions just to make some bureaucrat happy?

I am not submitting this form and if I get evicted because of it, I will hold you personally responsible. So unless you want to be the next Lois Lerner, I suggest you grant me an exemption. I'll give you until 5 PM on September 10th to give me your response.



And here are some pics of the idiotic forms. Click to enlarge. Sorry for the fuzziness. I may scan all the forms and upload them later.

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