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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Raise the Minimum Wage & End Robot Unemployment

America's robot unemployment rate is a national disgrace. All across the country, robot engineers sit idle and schematics languish on drawing boards. And why? Because robots are priced out of the market by cut-rate human labor. All this in spite of the presence of millions of dull, repetitive, low-skill jobs which are perfect for robots.

Yes, robophobia runs rampant- it's the last acceptable form of discrimination. It's time to move forward and strike a blow for machine rights. By raising the minimum wage, we can ensure that robots and humans will compete on an even playing field.

Moreover, more robots means jobs for engineers & technicians. Moving to a robot-based economy will revitalize America's manufacturing base. Imagine going through a drive-thru and being served a perfectly cooked hamburger from a gleaming robot with "MADE IN THE USA" proudly stamped on its metal chest. Picture factories in cities like Cleveland and Detroit bustling once more as they churn out robots. Think of all the happy teenagers and college students liberated from the drudgery of summer jobs.

Other nations like Japan have embraced robots. And Japan's economy has been in a non-stop boom ever since. All thanks to the magic of high labor costs and robots.

In the US, robots have largely replaced humans on customer service hotlines, much to everyone's delight. I know I get a thrill up my spine whenever I hear the robot voice say "for English, press 1". And I never have to repeat myself to a robot the way I do with people. They get it right the first time, every time. Honestly, who prefers talking to a person over a machine?

Raise the minimum wage- It's good for robots, good for business & good for America.     

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