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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Would America be Better Off as a Monarchy?

Here are a few reasons I think a monarchy would be better:

1. To a large extent, the US already is a monarchy. The president has special bodyguards, lives in a palace, gives speeches, mingles with the common folk, etc.

2. Most people want a strong leader. People are primates and almost all primates live in groups led by a dominant male. Sound familiar? Most men want to be the top monkey and if they can't, they at least want there to be a top monkey.

3. Monarchs usually manage their kingdoms prudently. They do so because people are careful with things they own. In contrast, most politicians steal as much as they can and do whatever it takes to get re-elected- regardless of how foolish it might be.

4. When monarchs are incompetent, they are often either assassinated or forced into exile. Unlike politicians, they face serious personal risks for their decisions.

5. Monarchs can single-handedly force their nations to adopt useful reforms.

6. Monarchs are non-partisan figure all the people can rally around.

7. Heirs to the throne are groomed carefully so as to be better leaders.

8. When monarchs are crazy or incompetent, they often leave interesting buildings behind. When was the last time a politician built a pyramid? 


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