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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Pro & Cons of the US Going to War in Syria


1. Something exciting to watch on the news


1. War may escalate to include Russia, Israel, or Iran.

2. Assad's air defenses would shoot down many US aircraft.

3. A large number of rebels are militant Islamic fundamentalists.

4. If Assad falls, the government that replaces it could be far worse.

5. The US military is already stretched thin.

6. Other countries will use it as an excuse to launch similar attacks.

7. The US would have to go further in debt to fight the war.

8. The last the US intervened in a civil war in the Middle East about 200 Marines got killed for nothing.

9. Wars are always bloodier, longer, and more expensive than the politicians predict.

10. If the President orders an attack without a declaration of war, it will be a further erosion of the Constitution.

11. The US military has a poor record when fighting in other countries' civil wars- Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia and others.

12. US involvement will be used as propaganda to recruit terrorists.

13. The US would not gain anything by going to war in Syria.

14. Obama would further erode the prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize.

15. It would further cement America's place as policeman of the world.

16. It will not make the US safer.

17. Innocent people will be killed and maimed by the US.

18. Every war the US fights in the Middle East sets the stage for another war.

19. It will be used as another excuse to increase excessive military spending.

20. Anti-ship missiles could destroy US ships.  

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