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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Prog learns that the government is not warm and fuzzy

A long slog, but worth reading:

TL;DR version: San Francisco resident calls 911, annoys police, & gets roughed up in jail.

His advice:

  • "Don’t call 911. Obviously, there are exceptions, but the sad lesson is, there are fewer than you’d think.
  • Call Lyft to take you to the hospital. (Worked well when I broke my elbow.)
  • Take such incidents to trial, where justice isn’t veiled by the POBAR. It’s not a matter of litigious vindictiveness. It’s just the only available way. The SF Office of Citizen Complaints is not a valid alternative.
  • Consider wearing a video camera at all times. It has been shown that when police wear cameras and are aware of being filmed, it moderates their behavior. As self reports of the need to use force decrease, so do complaints."
I pity him with the vague sense of compassion I have for all creatures capable of feeling pain. On the other hand, I'm glad this numbskull learned the hard way that government is violence.

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