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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Magic 8 Ball-ocracy

Various forms of despotism have been the norm for most of history. In the past 200 hundred years, this has largely given way to various forms of democracy. While this is a significant improvement, it does not address the root cause of why governments fail, i.e. because they are run by people.

For this reason, I now propose a radical new form of government: Stochastocracy (rule by chance). Basically, all law-making functions would be carried out by a Magic 8 Ball or similar device. Any citizen could submit a petition to one of multiple M8B for local matters all the way up to the Supreme M8B for issues of national concern. This form of government has a number of advantages:

1. No more bothersome elections.
2. No more corrupt politicians.
3. No more lobbying or corruption.
4. Quick decision-making
5. No worries about succession, senility, or assassination.

For even greater efficiency, Coin-flip-ocracy may be implemented.

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