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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Giving an expired equine a few more hits

As Dubya is on his way out and mud begins flying at him from all directions, I thought I might reflect on the handful of decent ideas he had.

1) Guest Worker Program

This is the only sensible solution to illegal immigration; that is to legalize it. They're going to keep coming anyway. Building a wall will not do anything.

2) Moon Base

I think we can all agree this would be pretty cool. The Chinese put a man in space? That's nice. We should send them an invitation to our swimming pool . . . . . . . ON THE MOON!

3) Great wacky quotes

OK, not so great of a president, but you have to admit he made you laugh. It is a rare occassion in history when a whole industry springs up to mock one person.

"I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully."

-George W. Bush

And my own analysis of his biggest blunders:

1) Tax cuts & spending increases

Cut revenue and increase spending? Is this what they taught you at Harvard Business School, George?

2) Picking Michael Brown to head FEMA

3) Missile Defense

$100 billion since Reagan and it still doesn't work? Christ, we could have built a Moon Base with that. Or at least a functional lightsaber.

4) Enron association

OK, he was not in charge of the company, but it looks awfully suspiscious when your top campaign contributors were in charge of the biggest stock swindle in US history.

5) Iraq War.

Good job getting rid of Saddam. Too bad all those people are dead.

I sorta feel sorry for this guy.

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